How long does it take to play a round of golf?

One person can play 18 holes in about an hour. Two golfers take a bout two hours and so on. Your first time playing may take a little longer. 

Can I bring my own clubs?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own clubs in however, they must be free of any debris. 

Markings and/or debris can cause damage to our screens so please be mindful of this. 

We do have clubs available for no extra charge if you don't want to bring your own. We even carry clubs for 

Do I need reservations?

Reservations are not required but are suggested as bays can fill up and may not be available. 

Can children use the simulators?

Children can use the simulators but must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Should I arrive early to my reservation?

You should arrive 5-10 minutes early to get signed in and set up.